Sunny 50 Scooter Colour Choices

There is a Sunny 50 Colour to suit everyones tastes. Have a look below, you can click on any of the images to see a larger version.

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 “If looking like Bambi isn’t your thing and you would rather ride like Darth Vadar then this BLACK scooter is the one for you!”  “Express yourself with our lovely PINK Scooter – a sure way to make an entrance at any event!”
  “Our most popular colour -  This is the same ORANGE found on the Lamborghini Gallardo!” “You have done well grasshopper – shout yourself a bright GREEN Scooter!”
“Of course RED is faster, so if getting there first is important to you this is your scooter” 'This is the pick for the safety conscious, if you want to stand out and be seen pick this YELLOW scooter!"
"The BLUE racer -a discreet classic"